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Scott Gimple interview with Larry King.


L. King: Will Daryl ever find love?
Scott Gimple: I would say Daryl has already found familial love. If you’re talking romantic love…I’m gonna say I think so. 

L. King: Will we ever find out what happened to Beth in season 5?
Scott Gimple: Absolutely. Absolutely.

L. King: Is there gonna be another romance apart from Glenn and Maggie in season 5?
Scott Gimple: You know what? I’m gonna say yes.


My Best Enemy



Here we are !! “My Best Enemy” comic book project is on the road !!You can pre-order the book on Ulule (the first european crowdfunding website). It works like Kickstarter, click on the the right corner to get english version of the site and just take a look to the project ! Then you have to register and order the pack you want to recieve !  

Go go go dudes! I know you can do it ! Aidan is waiting for you !!

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